Deep Forest Art Land is an experimenting cultural institution with a focus on involvement different communities. It is a place, where you can meet people of all backgrounds and interests: where everyone can reflect and unleash their creativity; where culture and art are created through an interaction between the institutions, the artists and the many different usergroups.

In Deep Forest Art Land, we attach great importance to community involvement and giving back to our local communities, for example through our school program. Here, we communicate different perspectives on nature and contemporary art to all groups of children and youths. We communicate through active learning that meets the students at their own level with no need for prior knowledge on the subject.

This approach can be seen in all aspects of Deep Forest Art Land. We address all social classes, and no prior knowledge is needed to feel comfortable among the artworks in the forest. The landscape and the surrounding nature opens the way for new and different meetings with contemporary art – also for people who do not frequent culture- and art institutions.

Most recently, in the summer of 2019, we collaborated The green girl scouts on a summercamp for 100 youngs girls in the ages 13-20. Here, we combined scouting, nature and contemporary art. Here, 16 professional contemporary artist collaborated with the scouts on creating art workshop, which would challenge the girls on both creativity and perspectives on nature, as well as create new feelings of solidarity by letting take on new tasks with people they did not know.

Deep Forest Art Land is a unique meeting place, where you can bond over a wide range of activites, from informal picnics to workshops and school programs, from associations and outdoor recreation to the development and productions of contemporary artworks. We not only have partnerships with academies of art, artist-in-residence programs and art- and exhibition programs, but also with the local civic association, orienteering clubs and a large network of volunteers. We are an open platfrom, where other players and the visitors help program the content.

Photo: workshop