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Private: Frivillig entré 20,- pr. person
MobilePay 176611

Grupper, skoler og institutioner: Obligatorisk booking og entré, se nedenfor.

Practical information

Private visitors: There is a voluntary admission fee of 20 DKK pr. person. It is possible to pay in cash or via MobilePay 176611.

Schools and institutions: Read more for schools here and for daycare centres here.

Organised groups: Read more here.


Sdr. Ommevej, 6933 Kibæk (click here to see on a map)

Are you in doubt about how to get here? Check out our driving directions here.


Deep Forest Art Land consists of a Northern and Southern part, divided by Døvlingvej. There are overview maps on both P1 and P2, as well as a box of physical maps. See the map online here.

The route is 3,5 km. We recommend spending abt. 2 hours. It is possible to divide the rout into either the Northern or Southern part of the forest.

Cycling or horseback-riding in the forest is not allowed without prior agreement.


Keep an eye on your children – visits and play take place at your own risk. Skovsnogen by Monstrum is the only approved playground in the forest.

Be aware when walking close to Døvling Creek, the current is strong. Also, be aware of cars and agricultural machines when crossing Døvlingvej.


Note that the Northern part of the forest is hilly in some places. After long periods of rain, some of the paths can be muddy. We recommend the Southern part of the forest with entrance from P2 for physically disabled.


There is a composting toilet located by P1, as well as two toilets by P2.


Dogs are welcome but must be on a leash. Remember dog poop bags.


We offer guided tours and workshops, tailored your needs, year-round.

Read more about guided tours and tailored events here.


Packed lunches are welcome and can be enjoyed several places throughout the forest – both on benches or on your own picnic blanket. We also recommend Skarrild Hus (3,5 km) and Sdr. Omme Kro (10 km).

It is possible to arrange dining, grills and more in connection with guided tours or tailored events.


Netiher grilling nor fire is permitted in the forest. Grill is only allowed in connection with guided tours – contact us to hear more.


Would you like to stay in nature in a new and different way? Book a night in our shelter Produzione by John Kørner. The shelter fits 3 adults (if you are more, it is possible to use your own tent as well as the shelter, but not without prior agreement)

Staying in the shelter costs 25 DKK including firewood. Book your stay by sending an e-mail to with number of guests, date of arrival, time period and contact information.

If the shelter is booked, we recommend Skarrild Hus (3,5 km), Skarrild Kanoplads (6,5 km), Højkilde Bed & Breakfast (6,5 km), or Sdr. Omme Kro (10 km). Staying in tent or campervan is not permitted.


Getting there

Deep Forest Art Land
Sdr. Ommevej, 6933 Kibæk, Denmark

Parking by Sdr. Ommevej, 200 meters south of Døvlingvej, for private persons

Skovsnogen parkeringsplads p